5o Shades of Palomino

My biggest joy? Recognising individual ponies, and sharing their lives with you.

This little guy was born chestnut, with pale legs and a feisty attitude. The first time I saw him, his poor mum was going frantic to keep up with her wild baby. He loved to run, and galloped around the common just for fun, mum dashing along behind. I had my little boy, also inclined to dash off across the common, with me on that occasion. I understood exactly how she felt! I nicknamed him Sam (after my boy) for a while, but his confidence in himself got him the name Golden Balls in my head! (Ought I have shared that?)…

The one photo I never got of this little guy was when he lay down for a sleep, cwtched up with his little cremello sister. I used to see this while I was driving over the common. They just sprawled out by the side of the road. She’s a couple of months younger than him, and their mums are the old ladies of the herd so they must go way back in horse years. It’s no surprise that they were close playmates with our Golden boy being born in early April and having no one younger to chase around until she was born. Little White Gold holds her own though, she’s got no truck with boys who play rough and is quite confident to turn them a cold shoulder for being rowdy. You can see them having a groom and a play if you scroll down the pictures.


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