Naughty Ponies!

When the cat’s away the mice do play.


Homes, or home ranges, don’t stay empty for long in Nature. Pretty soon someone else moves in to the vacant niche.

Couple of weeks back the family of horses usually seen grazing Penclawdd Marsh were removed for a temporary period.


Down the road at Crofty Point, the nosy neighbours were monitoring scope for tastier ranges. This is totally normal for the horse species, who are migratory in the right conditions e.g. in Nevada they graze lower ground in winter to avoid exposure in the mountains, and head up into the mountains for the summer, to sweet grass and refuge from biting flies (see Joel Berger, Wild Horses of the Great Basin – a classic on feral horse behaviour and ecology). The love of exploring of their own free will is why your captive domestic has a door on the stable and a gate on the field.


Back to our Crofty Crew who typically range between the marshes at Crofty and the municipal grass in Penclawdd. These past few nights I’ve spied them grazing the verge at West End. Not due to the tide as per popular belief (it’s neep tide right now, not even topping 6 metres – check if you like) but because they are taking advantage of fresh pasture – why any horse goes adventuring other than to check out other horses.

So this morning where did I spot them? Just like Goldilocks, nice and comfy having enjoyed the Penclawdd horses’ food and their beds! And when our metaphorical Three Bears return? Well if the Crofty Crew don’t just migrate on back, there will be a fun pony mash-up as the neighbours catch up. After all checking the social scene is the other reason Gower ponies go exploring (see



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